Axis Power will reconstruct the Gelgaudiškis and Rašė transformer substations. The contract signed by the company with Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (ESO) provides for performance of the works worth nearly 2.5 million euro. The reconstruction of the Rašė substation operating in Utena will cost 1.177 million euro, and the value of the Gelgaudiškis substation is 1.311 million euro.

“We are happy that both of our winning tenders submitted in the procurement procedure have been recognised to be the most economically advantageous. We are not afraid of the tight schedules set for reconstruction, because most of the projects we implement are performed in similar conditions,” said Mantas Galdikas, the Head of Axis Power.

The first stage of both substations – implementation of the technical working design – is expected to be completed before the end of 2018. Axis Power was tasked with finishing reconstruction of the Gelgaudiškis substation at the beginning of October 2019, and the Rašė substation – before August 2019.

The equipment with the capacity of 10kV currently installed in the Gelgaudiškis transformer substation is obsolete, therefore, it is planned to dismantle all 10 kV open distribution equipment and the 10kV distribution apparatus. In their place, Axis Power is going to install two new 6.3 MVA transformers (110/10 kV) supplied by ESO. Axis Power will also perform the construction works of the modular frame building and install the new internal electricity distribution equipment.

At the Rašė transformer substation, the company will perform the construction and repair works of the existing building. The operating 10kV equipment will be dismantled and replaced with 49 sets of new 10kV cubicles.

“Our work will guarantee a reliable and secure supply of electricity to the consumers,” added Galdikas.

Axis Power is currently involved in 9 ongoing projects for reconstruction of transformer substations around Lithuania. Most of them are expected to be completed in 2018, while some will be implemented next year. The company is implementing a total of more than 50 projects related to design and construction of electricity networks, including the works for connection of new users, replacement of cable lines or reconstruction of smaller distribution units and equipment.