Twenty years ago, on June 3, 1998, Axis Power was registered as a private limited liability company. At first, the company was involved in the programming and commissioning of the relay protection equipment, which was reflected in its former name Relinė Apsauga (meaning “relay protection” in English). In 2007, when the company joined the Axis Industries group of companies, the scope of its activities expanded – it began to provide project management, as well as engineering and installation services for energy sector projects, and to perform start-up and commissioning works and became turnkey company in the Lithuanian market.  The old name did not fit the company, and so in 2008 it became Axis Power UAB. Key facts and projects in our company’s history:

On June 3, 1998 Relinė Apsauga UAB was founded in the Kaunas. Founders: A. Nainys, A. Petrauskas and Š. Randakevičius.

In 1999, installation of the relay protection was performed in 330/110/10 kV substation, Kaunas. This was the company’s first significant subcontracting work.

In 2000, all the installation work was performed in the Raseiniai 110/35/10 kV transformer substation including: two 110 kV power lines, 110/35/10 kV, 2x16 MVA power transformers, and 35 and 10 kV bays.

In 2001, the services provided by the company has been expanded to include the following equipment programming and commissioning projects: in the Kaunas 330/110 kV substation, the 330 kV SCADA part and the commissioning of the 330 kV relay protection and automation equipment was performed related to the  330/110/10 kV, 2x125 MVA auto-transformers and four 330 kV lines.

In 2002, the engineering, programming and commissioning of a relay protection equipment for a 330/110/10 kV shunt reactor in Klaipėda was performed.

In 2003, a full SCADA and relay protection programming and commissioning project was completed for the 110 kV part of a Kaunas 330/110/10 kV substation, one of the largest in Lithuania.

In 2004, on behalf of AB VST, the installation of a distribution network SCADA system, along with the integration of the existing relay protection equipment in the control system was performed, i.e. the first service involving the integration of different manufacturer equipment, in the Rašė TS.

In 2005, the programming and commissioning of relay protection equipment and the start up of a SCADA were successfully performed in the Šeduva and Radviliškis TS.

In 2006, in the Klaipėda “Taika” 110/10/6 kV transformer substation, relay protection and automation and control systems were installed, the programming and commissioning of a 6 kV part was performed. New type, medium-voltage gear has been deployed in Lithuania for the first time were commissioned.

In 2007, the company’s first turn-key contract was signed, for a project involving the reconstruction of substations. The customer was AB VST (Lithuanian distribution network operator) – and Axis Power re-constructed the 110/10 kV Amaliai transformer substation.

In 2008, UAB Relinė Apsauga changed its name to Axis Power.

In 2008, the construction of new 110/10 kV substations in the Šventininkai transformer substation and the 10 kV Guobstai secondary substation along with the 10 kV cable lines was executed.

In 2009, the reconstruction of a 110 kV GIS (Gas Insulated System) transformer substation was completed in the Vilnius center. There are only two such substations in Lithuania – the Center TS in Vilnius and the Nemunas TS in Kaunas.

In 2010, the reconstruction work of the main 6 kV switchgears, cable networks has been exectured in the Vilnius VE-2 (CHP power plant) that project duration was three years till completion. The project significantly increased the electric and heat power and supply for the Vilnius City

In 2011, a Murava TS reconstruction was performed, where the combined 110 kV distribution equipment has been installed in compact area.

In 2012, the programming and commissioning of the relay protection and automation systems were performed in two power stations in Lithuania: the Alytus biomass cogeneration and the Šiauliai biomass power plants.

In 2013, the reconstructing of a 110 kV overhead line to the cable line of the Vilnius city bypass road was completed together with our partners.

In 2013-2015, the maintenance of the Vilnius and Neris Lithuanian power plant 330/110/10 kV transformer substations was performed, as well the as 110 kV transformers in the Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda, and Šiauliai regions.

In 2014, the company started to supply the maintenance of the electrical switchgear equipment, power transformers for the clients.

In 2015, a the connection of the Pamarys 60 MVA wind power park  to a 110 kV power network was performed.

In 2016, Axis Power was certified in Sweden to perform installation works in substations, and the first orders in this market were received.

In 2016, the construction of a 110 kV Kretinga transformer substation was completed, where Axis Power performed turn key construction.

In 2017, a project to connect an Auragen 21 MW biomass power plant to a 110 kV electric network in Estonia was completed.

In 2017, installation works has been completed in the Tingsryd, Kosta and Ushult substations, Sweden.